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Golven - Into The Great Wide Open

Like waves we rolled over the island Vlieland, offering visitors of Into The Great Wide Open festival an audiovisual trip to our world. We picked a different place every night, transformed it with colors and motion, inviting the audience to explore, discover and be in our worlds. During the day we offered clues to the location of that night in our magic box with mini projection mapping on small laser cut trees.
The first night we created an Alice in Wonderland-like forest, and we were joined by Evelien van den Broek who performed with her soundscapes. The second night we played in the dunes, together with harpist Remy van Kesteren, creating an immersive musical and visual experience. The third night we were on the beach, projecting virtual waves that made people jump over them.

Photography: Sander Heezen, Blauwe Uur, Konstantin Guz
Video registration: Lyubov Matyunina and Konstantin Guz

2016_itgwo_blauwe uur_golven1_99882016_itgwo_blauwe uur_golven1_9988
2016_itgwo_blauwe uur_golven2_02802016_itgwo_blauwe uur_golven2_0280
2016_itgwo_blauwe uur_golven1_99832016_itgwo_blauwe uur_golven1_9983
2016_itgwo_blauwe uur_golven1_00162016_itgwo_blauwe uur_golven1_0016
2016_itgwo_blauwe uur_golven1_99742016_itgwo_blauwe uur_golven1_9974