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Kwadraat (Quadrilateral)

Hommage to the square

In 1920 Russian Avant-garde artist El Lissitzky made a picture book for children of all ages: 'A suprematist story about two squares in 6 constructions'. Artist and friend Theo van Doesburg translated it and published it in his magazine 'De Stijl' in 1922. One of the constructions has been painted on the wall of the abandoned Meelfabriek (Flour Factory) in Leiden in 1992. Blauwe Uur goes from there and animates the squares on the wall.
Along lines.
Over surfaces.

Music composition, animations, video projections, video mapping: Blauwe Uur
Performed at Schemerstad Festival in Leiden, june 2017
Photography: Marco Hokke, Blauwe Uur

Marco Hokke Schemerstad 2017-Blauwe Uur-053Marco Hokke Schemerstad 2017-Blauwe Uur-053
Marco Hokke Schemerstad 2017-Blauwe Uur-050Marco Hokke Schemerstad 2017-Blauwe Uur-050