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Het Blauwe Uur

" I opened my eyes. They had to get used to the dark, they had to get used to the light. This is my moment. A hole in the day. I do not exist. Not awake, nor asleep. Not alive, nor dead. I belong to an infinitely brief moment, where everything stops, except me. The day tries to seize the night, but it runs empty, leaving a blue sediment. The night attempts to greet the day, but strands in silence. This is my hour. No one knows that I am here. "

Het Blauwe Uur (The Blue Hour) is a 12 minute audiovisual performance around a floating 7 meter long 3D baby. Slowly she awakes in the blue hour. Or is she dreaming?

Het Blauwe Uur is our first performance, made in 2011 for Schemerstad Festival in Leiden. It is where we were born.